Start of American journey

My American journey started when I landed in the U.S. as a visitor and then changed my status to that of a student and become a freshman at Cairn University in Langhorne. It was Philadelphia College of Bible then.

It didn’t take me long to realize that, U.S. is the hardest country to migrate to, but at the same time, I quickly learned what makes America great. And I personally wanted to be part of that ideal of greatness. It’s that shared commitment to an ideal, that all of us are created equal, and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will. And, I personally believe that, this is what makes America most alluring to many.

This ideal was compelling enough for me to stay and go through daunting immigration journey to make it official.

This would mean years-long journey through the U.S. immigration system, since each category of visa and status has different processing times which is significant and varies by each application.

And so, it was challenging to make the transition from visa, to legal resident alien status to naturalized citizen but a decade later the dream was realized.

High level clearance job

Since then, I have held different jobs in America, including two important public service positions of employment with the state and US federal government. The most recent role involved working directly with US military men and women and veterans, a position that required periodical top-level clearance to fill it. The position allowed me not only to see the impact of federal government policies on people first hand but also gave me an opportunity to advocate and fight for the individuals and groups of people affected by those policies.

Navigating immigration journey

My experiences have often prompted questions from friends and strangers alike. As they navigate their own immigration journey among others, and I have always found myself offering as much help as possible. And connecting others with legal expertise whenever this was necessary. These referrals have had huge difference in the lives of so many immigrants and their cases.

I came to realize, expertise of navigating the system was expensive and information was woefully scarce. And even the information that was available, it was scattered all over, bit by bit and you had to spend considerable amount of time and energy not only to search for it but then piece it together.

I realized too, that, even trying to find an immigration attorney was unnecessarily burdensome. Online searches yielded hundreds of potential candidates to sift through, but no easy way to tell, for example, which spoke a foreign language or if they took payment plans.

The struggle of finding accurate immigration information and credible legal services was the basis for forming this online platform.

I thought that, a central location that helps individuals and businesses find high-quality immigration attorneys in the U.S. and beyond was a crucial step towards helping others realize the ideal of what makes America great.

Simpler Solution

BII has created a simpler solution as a platform that connects immigrants with a smaller, vetted network of experienced lawyers and also provides content written by these lawyers to tackle some thorny questions without the legal expense.

The platform is free to use, but immigrants pay a small membership fee whenever they decide to utilize advanced legal services. This allows members to be connected to an attorney or a provider of a certain service in their community right away. Attorney and other providers of services utilized by immigrants pay a small flat fee to be listed and start receiving referrals. Attorney will do a quick initial consultation at no charge to the immigrant.

The participants are able to get connected to an Attorney and other providers by state or specialty, and by what language they speak. There are also listings for those who take payment plans because immigration processing can be pricey depending with cases being handled.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Becoming a US citizen opened unstoppable doors for me and I realized all the benefits and responsibilities that comes along.

My mission is to help others in this journey and connect them with the resources and services that will make their journey easier and simpler.

Remember, becoming a U.S. citizen allows you to have a voice in how our nation is governed since you are able to vote in many levels of our government leadership. You become eligible for Federal jobs. You also, become eligible for certain kinds of scholarships and grants. And, as a naturalized U.S. citizen you can help a number of family members become US citizens too. This allows you to start the immigration process for many of them.